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How to Put a “Check Accessibilty” Link on Your Page

WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind) is an organiztion that promotes the idea that Web sites should be accessible to those with disabilities. Its Web site has many resources for designers, including the "WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool." WAVE will examine your HTML code and highlight anything it thinks may cause accessibility problems.

You can place a link on your page that will go directly to the WAVE tool and give you an accessibilty report on your page.

<a href="" title="Check to see that this page is accessible, using WAVE from">Accessibility check</a>

Note that using the above code will work only for a Web page that is on a Web server. If you click on the link on a local page that is on your computer's hard disk it will not work.

Using the above code will result in a link that functions similarly to the link that says "Accessible" at the bottom of this page that you are reading.