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Extra Credit Proposal

  1. Come up with a project of your own. You will need to propose your extra credit project in writing by submitting the the form below. You must submit the proposal no later than two weeks before the end of the semester (or, in a summer course, one week before the end of the term). See the Course Schedule for proposal due date.
  2. In your proposal, you must:
    • Describe your project in detail.
    • Explain how your project relates to the course.
    • Tell what you expect to learn from doing the project.
    • Estimate the time it will take you to complete the project.
    • Tell how many points you think your project is worth (keep in mind that a homework exercise is worth 15 points). Maximum 25 points.
  3. After you submit your proposal, you will receive an email from the instructor with further instructions.
  4. To receive credit, when you have finished the project you must submit the Proposed Project extra credit feedback form.

All fields are required, except Comments.

points (this is what you think your project is worth). Maximum 25 points.
  This proposal is no longer being accepted. The due date has passed.