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JAWS Project - Extra Credit

JAWS (Job Access for Windows and Speech) is the most widely used a screen reader for the visually impaired. It is used by blind people to access the Web. We have a JAWS station at Cabrillo.

  1. Schedule a 30-minute appointment with Calais Ingel, assistive technology instructor through Disabled Student Services. She will instruct you in the use of the JAWS screen reader for the visually impaired. In other words, you will experience using the Web as a blind person would.
  2. After your experience with JAWS, write a report of at least 500 words, describing your experience. This report must include two distinct, separate sections:
    • Describe your experience with the screen reader.
    • Discuss what you have learned from this experience.
  3. Publish this report to your Web site, but do not link to it from your home page. (Of course, this page must include validate buttons, and the HTML and CSS of this page must validate.)
  4. To receive credit, you must submit the JAWS Project extra credit feedback form. This extra credit exercise is worth 15 points.

You will not be able to do this during the final week of the term. And if you wait too long, Calais will not be able to schedule you at all!

This project cannot be done in summer session.